Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Product Review ~ Arbonne's Awake Body Scrub

My friend Sarah has just started selling Arbonne and I went to a party to check out the stuff.
I hadn't heard much about it (mostly cause I'm not really girly like that).
I bought three items and thought I would do a product review for you.
First up is the Awaken Body Scrub.
I mostly use it on my hands, but have also tried my heels and elbows.
Elbows hurt a little too much for my liking, but I am addicted to the heels and hands!!!!
All you do is take a small amount out of the tub and rub it in your hands.
You can start with wet hands if you want, but I think it works better if they're dry.
I also sorta drain a bit of the oil out of the scrub or else your hands are really slippery after!
It has a lovely lemon scent so it isn't too froo froo too!
If you would like to purchase any products you can check them out here.
You have to be a preferred client to order online, but you can sign up through Sarah.
Message me if you would like her contacts!

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